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LDR/531 LDR531 LDR 531 WEEK 2 QUIZ


LDR/531 LDR531 LDR 531 WEEK 2 QUIZ • Correct answerquestion1 The leadership process that describes how a group operates in an open system with other groups is called o organizational process o inter-active process o group process o intra-individual process • Correct answerquestion2 One unique characteristic of followers in leadership theory is o skills and expertise o task commitment and effort o traits o confidence and optimism • Correct answerquestion3 Which characteristic of negative charismatic leadership is more likely to lead to failure? o Identification to the organization o Focus on personal power o Tendency to make risky decisions o Centralized decision making • Correct answerquestion4 Which of the following is a characteristic of a positive charismatic? o Dependency on the leader o Centralized decision making by the leader o Information is restricted o Devotion to ideology not personal identification • Correct answerquestion5 Charismatic leaders add followers by o appealing to emotions and articulating a vision o considering other solutions o possessing specific expertise o sharing the decision making • Correct answerquestion6 Which statement comparing transformational and charismatic leadership is most accurate? o Leader articulation of an appealing vision is important in both theories. o Personal identification is more important in transformational leadership. o Situational variables are less important for charismatic leadership. o There are no important differences between the two types of leadership. • Correct answerquestion7 A contingency theory that contains mediating variables is o leadership substitutes theory o multiple-linkage model o cognitive resource theory o situational leadership theory • Correct answerquestion8 A theory that explains the most effective pattern of leadership behavior in a specified situation is best classified as o universal o contingency o prescriptive o descriptive • Correct answerquestion9 A leadership contingency theory that stresses the intelligence and experience of the leader is o normative decision theory o cognitive resource theory o leadership substitutes theory o situational leadership theory • Correct answerquestion10 Distant charismatics are often described in terms of their effect on follower o motivation o identification with the leader o political attitudes o task behavior • Correct answerquestion11 Which statement about transformational and charismatic leadership is most accurate? o Both types of leadership involve the same underlying processes o Charismatic leaders are more effective in business organizations o Charisma is a necessary ingredient in transformational leadership o Both types of leadership are effective in any situation • Correct answerquestion12 Most leadership theories emphasize o follower characteristics o both leader and follower characteristics o characteristics of the leadership situation o leader characteristics • Correct answerquestion13 A contingency theory of leadership that depends on specific procedures for leader behaviors and has strong support is o LPC contingency model o normative decision theory o multiple-linkage model theory o cognitive resource theory • Correct answerquestion14 Transformational behavior can include o contingent rewards o inspirational motivation o active management by exception o passive management by exception • Correct answerquestion15 Contingency theories may be difficult to implement because o there is always a single best solution o managers have time to evaluate situations o of the rapid pace of bu


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