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LDR/531 LDR531 LDR 531 WEEK 1 QUIZ


LDR/531 LDR531 LDR 531 WEEK 1 QUIZ • 1 Which of the following is an instrumental value according to the Rokeach value survey? o Personal discipline o Social recognition o Economic success o Meaning in life • Correct answerquestion2 Those with a ________ personality identify opportunities, show initiative, take action, and persevere until meaningful change occurs, compared to others who passively react to situations. o high Mach o type A o high self-monitoring o proactive • Correct answerquestion3 The ________ pay plan has long been popular as a means of compensating production workers by paying a fixed sum for each unit of production completed. o competency-based o piece-rate o gainsharing o profit sharing • Correct answerquestion4 Milton Rokeach created the Rokeach Value Survey (RVS) which consisted of two sets of values, namely ________ values and ________ values. o instrumental; terminal o flexible; enduring o flexible; essential o fluid; stable • Correct answerquestion5 Which of the following refers to bottom-line conclusions individuals have about their capabilities, competence, and worth as a person? o Core self-evaluation o Machiavellianism o Authoritarianism o Self-monitoring • Correct answerquestion6 Adam Sears is an assembly-line employee with Swenson Motors. Though Adam is popular among his supervisors and colleagues, Adam experiences low morale and lack of motivation. He feels frustrated that his job is restricted to fixing nuts and bolts on the car parts. He fears that he has no chances of advancing in his career as he cannot completely assemble a car. Which of the following is true with regard to Adam? o Adam’s job has a high span of control. o Adam’s job has high task complexity. o Adam’s job has low role definition. o Adam’s job has low task identity. • Correct answerquestion7 ________ is an extrinsic means of motivation. o Responsibility o Recognition o Salary o Flexibility • Correct answerquestion8 With reference to the Hofstede’s Framework for Assessing Cultures, ________ emphasizes a tight social framework in which people expect others in groups of which they are a part to look after them and protect them. o uncertainty avoidance o long-term orientation o collectivism o masculinity • Correct answerquestion9 Supportive leadership is most likely to result in what outcome for subordinates? o Better coordination among subordinates o Stronger satisfaction with the leader o Stronger organizational commitment o Better performance by subordinates • Correct answerquestion10 According to Blake and Mouton, effective leaders are most likely to facilitate subordinate growth and development by having o a high concern for both the task and relationships o a moderate concern for the task and a high concern for relationships o a moderate concern for both the task and relationships o a high concern for the task and a moderate concern for relationships • Correct answerquestion11 Which of the following terms describes basic convictions that “a specific mode of conduct or end-state of existence is personally or socially preferable to an opposite mode of conduct”? o Emotions o Values o Feelings o Attitudes • Correct answerquestion12 Which of the following is the least desirable approach for developing subordinates? o Ask specific questions to help the person analyze his or her performance o Provide constructive feedback about effective and ineffective behavior o Provide detailed instructions on how to carry out each assignment o Provide opportunities to learn from experience • Correct answerquestion13 Which of the following is most likely to b


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