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layers in the OSI model


layers in the OSI model 1. The layers in the OSI model are: a. Link, internet transport, session, application b. Link, internet, transport, application c. Physical, data link, network, transport, session, presentation, application d. Physical, network transport, session, application 2. A computer has just been rebooted. An application program has started, and the application program needs to send an FTP packet to a server at IP address What is the first packet that the computer will send on the network to accomplish this: a. ARP b. Whois c. FTP d. Rlogin 3. Two computers are communicating on a wide area network over a UDP port. One computer is sending the contents of a large file to the other computer. Network congestion has caused some packets to be delayed. What will the TCP/IP network drivers do about the packet delay? a. The receiving computer will request that the file transfer be restarted b. The network drivers will assemble the packets into the proper order c. The receiving computer will request the sending computer to retransmit the delayed packets d. Nothing 4. A station on a network is sending hundreds of SYN packets to a destination computer. What is the sending computer doing? a. Sending the contents of a large file to the destination computer b. Attempting to establish a TCP connection with the destination computer c. Attacking the destination computer with a SYN flood d. Transmitting streaming audio or video to the destination computer 5. The purpose of the NTP protocol is: a. Transfer the contents of a file b. Synchronization of computer clocks to a reference clock c. A signaling protocol used for Voice over IP d. Share file systems over a network Computer Science Assignment Help, Computer Science Homework help, Computer Science Study Help, Computer Science Course Help


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