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LAS 432 WEEK 6 DISCUSSION 1 Technology and Modern Culture What are some of the ways that the ease and simplicity of our current technological devices have led us to surrogate our daily responsibilities onto these devices? How do these make us vulnerable to errors, risks, and/or failures? Please include examples, and be as specific as possible. I’ve been invited to a party this month, to celebrate a friend’s 75th birthday. He has made one stipulation: no cell phones or other electronic devices. This includes cameras. He has made it clear that, if you can’t spend one evening in celebration without texting, checking voice mail, taking photos or checking social media, then you are not welcome to celebrate with him. How many of us check your phones at the dinner table? Or text someone more than you actually talk with them in person? What impact, good or bad, can you see this having on our societal structures?


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