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Question Question 1 _____ refers to the extent to which an ad contains elements that are novel, different, or unusual. Divergence Relevance Illumination Animatic Positioning 1 points Question 2 _____ is a research method whereby a group of 10 to 12 consumers from the target market are led through a discussion regarding a particular topic. Ethnographic research Focus group Animatic Quantitative research Perceptual mapping 1 points Question 3 An idea develops during the _____ step of the creative process. reality illumination verification originality immersion 1 points Question 4 _____ is viewed as “something that moves people, speaks to their wants or needs, and excites their interest.” Advertising appeal Execution style Creativity Big idea Needledrop 1 points Question 5 When Ford Motor Company was preparing to introduce a new model, ads were run for several weeks that talked about the new car but never showed it. This is an example of _____ advertising. reminder transformational teaser emotional cognitive 1 points Question 6 _____ are words in the leading position of a print advertisement that are likely to be read first. Headlines Body copies Subheads Layouts Primary copies 1 points. Question 7 Straight-sell message executions are commonly used with _____ advertising appeals. informational emotional teaser transformational emotional integration 1 points Question 8 An ad for Ford Focus shows four college-aged students hunting for a parking place in a large, nearly full parking garage. When they finally find a spot and put the car in place, they discover that it is such a tight fit that they can’t open the car doors to get out. A moment of concern is followed by a moment of enlightenment when one of them remembers the hatchback. The commercial ends with them all leaving the parked car through the hatchback. This commercial is a(n): dramatization with a humorous appeal. animation with the intent of creating a personality brand. slice-of-life with a fear appeal. demonstration with an emotional appeal. straight sell with a humorous appeal. 1 points Question 9 Hershey’s advertises heavily around Christmas with ads that show only a picture of red, green and silver wrapped Hershey Kisses chocolate. Hershey’s is using _____ advertising. transformational reminder rational emotional integration teaser 1 points Question 10 The state of Colorado runs an ad which shows an obviously scared third grader getting ready to go on stage for his first public stage appearance. He is dressed to look like a carrot. The ad tells the reader that being a third grader is much more stressful than we remember and causes us to have great sympathy for the young man dressed in the ridiculous costume. The tag line at the end of the ad reads, “Your kids need a carefree Colorado vacation as much as you do.” This is an example of the: dramatization technique. testimonial technique. fear technique. personality symbol technique. scientific evidence technique. 1 points


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