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Kaplan HN115 Unit 6 – Quiz (New 2016)


Question 1. Question : Human service professionals working in the field of child and family services may do which of the following? Child abuse investigations Case management and counseling of a child in placement Case management and counseling of families in crisis Case management and counseling of adoptive families All of the above Question 2. Question : Prior to the Civil War, the common belief about children was that they needed ______. dedicated play time in order to develop psychosocially to be treated with harsh discipline or they would fall victim to laziness to be in school at least six hours a day to be treated with tenderness and understanding Question 3. Question : The Orphan Trains refers to _____. an organized effort by Rev. Charles Loring Brace to take orphan children on train rides for recreation and fun the New York Children’s Aid Society’s orphan program that arranged for institutionalized children and orphans living on the streets to take trains west to be adopted or fostered by Christian farming families the New York solution to the orphan problem where thousands of orphaned children were sent back to their original home via the new train system an organized effort by Rev. Charles Loring Brace to loan orphaned children to farming families for the farming season to bring in the crops Question 4. Question : As of 2010 there were approximately _____ children in the U.S. foster care system. 4,800 408,000 4.8 million none of the above Question 5. Question : Prior to the Industrial Revolution, orphans were often _____. forced to live on the streets sold into apprenticeships which were sometimes no better than slavery sent to almshouses to work alongside adults abused and treated as vagrants all of the above Question 6. Question : The Orphan Trains ran from 1854 to 1929, delivering approximately ______ children to new homes across the West, from the Midwestern states to Texas, and even as far west as California. 150 1,500 150,000 1,500,000 Question 7. Question : In 1997, the President signed into law the Adoption and Safe Families Act which amended and made improvements to the Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act of 1980. Among the amendments the act provides are _____. incentives for families adopting children in the foster care system mandate that states provide evidence of adoption efforts an accelerated timeline for terminating parental rights all of the above Question 8. Question : The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) of 1974 _____. was established to ensure that children of maltreatment are reported to the appropriate authorities provides minimum standards for definitions of the different types of child maltreatment both A and B none of the above Question 9. Question : The American Adoption and Safe Family Act of 1997 marked a clear departure away from abuse prevention and family preservation and toward paving the way for _____. institutionalized care care in group home settings the termination of the biological parents’ right clearing the way for the adoption of children in foster care placement formal Kinship Care Question 10. Question : Adolescents who engage in binging behavior often experience significant ______ once the bingeing phase is over. relief shame anger calm Question 11. Question : Jean Piaget believed that as children approached adolescence they began to _____. develop a sense of their own identity separate emotionally from their parents develop the ability for logical reasoning involved in abstract thought become more attached to their peers rather than their family Question 12. Question : A recent national survey of approximately 4,000 foster care children, ages 2 through 14, who had been removed from their homes due to maltreatment revealed that _____. nearly half of these children had clinically significant psychological and/or behavioral problems nearly all of these children h


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