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Kaplan HN115 Unit 5 – Quiz latest 2016 july


Question 1. Question : When homelessness is defined in a more inclusive manner, the estimate of the number of people who are homeless jumps to 5 million individuals nationally. True False Question 2. Question : Prior to the Middle Ages (around 14th to 15th centuries), the early church was responsible for the care of the poor. True False Question 3. Question : There is currently no universally agreed upon definition of “homelessness.” True False Question 4. Question : The Section 8 program deals with helping people who are poor and/or homeless get employment. True False Question 5. Question : The effective human service professional will attempt to meet all of a homeless client’s needs without relying upon the services provided by governmental agencies. True False Question 6. Question : Homeless shelters are very nicely equipped to serve families, and often set up different rules for families in order to accommodate them. True False Question 7. Question : Feagin’s study in 1975 found that the majority of those in the United States attribute poverty and homelessness to _____. personal failures such as having a poor work ethic, poor money management skills, a lack of any special talent that might translate into a positive contribution to society, and low personal moral values structural causes such as racism, poor schools, and the lack of sufficient employment both personal failures and structural causes equally none of the above Question 8. Question : The great majority of homeless single mothers are _____. around 25 years of age, with 2 to 3 children U.S. citizens, native born, and fluent English speakers Latina, illegal immigrants who do not speak English both A and B Question 9. Question : According to the fundamental attribution error, the average person would assume that those whom they did not know were homeless due to _________ causes, yet if someone they knew became homeless, they would likely attribute homelessness to __________ causes. personal; situational situational; personal Question 10. Question : Despite considerable research to support the opposite, a 1995 survey revealed that there was an increase in mainstream society’s tendency to blame poverty on _____. the poor racism poor schools a poor economy Question 11. Question : According to the federal definition of homelessness, an average of ____ individuals experience homelessness on any given night in the United States. 6,300 63,000 636,000 6.36 million Question 12. Question : The rate of homelessness began to increase between 1970 and 1980 due to _____. a decrease in affordable housing an increase in poverty both A and B none of the above Question 13. Question : The 1970s and 1980s saw a dramatic increase in the homelessness of _____. veterans in-tact families single parents with children adolescents Question 14. Question : Of homeless families, the majority are _____. young single mothers with several children from different fathers two-parent working families with two children younger single mothers with two children men Question 15. Question : One of the most significant roles that human service professionals play is _____. advocating for the homeless population on a personal case-by-case basis advocating for the homeless population on a community level influencing policy and the development of legislation designed to aid the homeless population all of the above Question 16. Question : Most homeless adolescents are living on the streets because they have _____. run away from an abusive home been kicked out of their homes by parents who no longer wish to take care of them reported a history of both physical and sexual abuse all of the above Question 17. Question : Yoder, Whitbeck, and Hoyt’s 2001 study of 600 runaway youth found that the chief reason adolescents chose to live on the streets rather than remaining in their family home was _


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