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Kaplan HN115 / Kaplan HN115 Unit 1 – Quiz latest 2016


Question Question 1. Question : Instructor contact information is found under Faculty Information, which is located under Course Home. True False Question 2. Question : Kaplan University has a live technical support number that students can contact if they are having technical difficulties. True False Question 3. Question : All Option 2 Seminar assignments and any Assignments due for this course should be submitted through the Dropbox tab. True False Question 4. Question : This course has 9 units. True False Question 5. Question : If you have extenuating circumstances that prevent you from completing assignments on time, you should contact your instructor as soon as possible. True False Question 6. Question : In this course, students need to post an initial response to Discussion and two responses to classmates in order to obtain full credit for Discussion. True False Question 7. Question : An incomplete can be requested after the course is over. True False Question 8. Question : Students should review the Assignment rubrics that can be found in the Syllabus before submitting any Assignments for this course. True False Question 9. Question : If students do not attend the live Seminar, there is no other way to receive credit for this weekly assignment. True False Question 10. Question : There is an Academic Support Center at Kaplan University that helps students with academic assistance and tutoring. True False Question 11. Question : There is no way for students to access their grades in the classroom. True False Question 12. Question : Plagiarism is academic dishonesty. True False Question 13. Question : If students have a general question for the instructor, they can post their question in the Student Lounge. True False Question 14. Question : There is a tab in the classroom where you can email other classmates and the instructor. True False Question 15. Question : The Kaplan Writing Center offers the following: Live tutors Help with writing papers Help with grammar All of the above Question 16. Question : If a student has extenuating circumstances and cannot complete coursework, the first person he/she should contact is ____. the dean financial aid their parents the instructor Question 17. Question : Students can see Announcements that instructors place in the classroom by clicking the: Gradebook tab Course Home tab Dropbox tab Question 18. Question : A rubric is a ____. calculator dictionary tool that helps students understand why they received the grade they did Question 19. Question : Students can access information about Seminar by: Clicking on the Seminar Instructions tab in the Course Home page Looking in the Syllabus Both A & B None of the above Question 20. Question : Some of the resources offered by Kaplan University’s library include: Electronic articles Electronic books Traditional books All of the above


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