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Functions of a Job Description Identify an operational gap within your current or past employment that requires the creation of a new position to be addressed. Write a report to the organization’s hiring manager that includes an analysis of approximately 1,400 words. Identify the requirements needed to fulfill this operational gap within the organization. Include the following job description functions in your analysis: • Identify responsibilities for the position. • List minimum attributes required by the person in this position. o What would the position details be? o What would the duties be? o What are the performance requirements of the position? o What knowledge and skills are required for the position? • Determine the organizational strategy for this position and how it is consistent with accomplishing the organization’s strategic goals. Special Note: Be sure to draw from your experiences and research such as the text, scholarly journal articles, other books and sources written by industry experts, etc, not unreliable websites (see my Instructor Policies about this) for each aspect of your paper. APA style is required for the following elements of the assignment: paragraphs in the main body, page set-up such as margins, double Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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