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Joan Woodward’s three categories of technology


Joan Woodward’s three categories of technology 1. In the context of Thompson’s view of technology, _______links parties that want to become interdependent. a) long-linked technology. b) small-batch technology. c) mediating technology. d) intensive technology. e) continuous-process technology. 2. An example of __________ is provided by banks that link creditors and depositors and store money and information to facilitate such exchanges. a) continuous-process technology. b) mediating technology. c) intensive technology. d) long-linked technology. e) small-batch technology 3. In the context of Thompson’s view of technology, under ____ the way to produce the desired outcomes is known and the task is broken down into a number of sequential steps. a) mediating technology. b) intensive technology. c) continuous technology. d) small-batch technology. e) long-linked technology. 4. An automobile assembly line is an example of __________. a) intensive technology. b) long-linked technology. c) small-batch technology. d) centralized technology. e) continuous-process technology. 5. Joan Woodward’s three categories of technology include ________. a) small-batch production, mass production, and continuous-process technology. b) intensive, mediating, and long-linked. c) straightforward, continuous, and high-intensity. d) intensive, small-batch, and long-linked. e) small-batch, mediating, and continuous. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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