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Key Assignment Structure The overall IT Governance Policies and Procedures Manual will consist of the following deliverables: Week 1: Project Outline Week 1: Governance Framework Week 2: Business and IT Goals and Mission Statement Week 3: IT Support Policies Week 4: Disaster Recover and Business Continuity Policies Week 5: Training Plan and Continuous Improvement Plan The following is the project outline for the complete deliverable: IT Governance Policies and Procedures Manual Use Word Title Page Course number and name Project name Student name Date Table of Contents Use autogenerated TOC Separate page Maximum of 3 levels deep Update fields of TOC so it is up-to-date before submitting your project Section Headings Project Outline Governance Framework Business and IT Goals IT Mission Statement IT Support Policies Disaster Recover and Business Continuity Policies Training Plan Continuous Improvement Plan Case Study: Problem 5 At the next monthly board meeting, Judy Harmon presented the updated and comprehensive disaster recovery and continuity plan. The board was pleased. John Black (CEO) then addressed the board: “Judy and Ron have confirmed that our IT governance evaluation has been ongoing for 6 months. I agree with the rest of the board in applauding the positive progress that has been made and the work of the ITG consultant. My concern now, however, is that all we have to date are documents, papers, and plans. How do we move from a “nice ITG plan” to an implemented ITG system that is working well day in and day out? I would like to see some clear actionable items on how we are putting the ITG plan into action and how it will be updated on a continuous and ongoing basis.” Part 1: Final Deliverable for Key Assignment Week 5: Training and Continuous Improvement Plan In the last few weeks, you have prepared the foundation for your IT Governance Policies and Procedures Manual by writing the Project Outline, Governance Framework, Business and IT Goals, IT Mission Statement, IT Support Policies, and the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Policies sections. The final step in developing the IT Governance Policies and Procedures Manual is to prepare the Training Plan and Continuous Improvement Plan for the organization. In addition, you will also further refine the document to produce the final draft version of the project. Updates may be based on peer and instructor feedback. The project deliverables are as follows: Update the IT Governance Policies and Procedures Manual title page with a new date and project name. Update the previously completed sections based on your instructor’s feedback. Training Plan Identify the major categories of IT training that are necessary for the organization. Describe the goals for each of the training categories. Include a summary of how each of the major training categories will be implemented. Continuous Improvement Plan Describe the purpose of the Continuous Improvement Plan. Describe the primary steps required to implement the improvement plan. Discuss the required involvement of management in the improvement plan. Summarize the metrics that will be used to measure improvement and how the metrics will be collected. IT Governance Policies and Procedures Manual Final Draft Review the entire document for any changes and improvements you would like to make. Ensure this final version of the document is sufficiently detailed to meet the requirements of the assignment. Any previous instructor feedback should be addressed with appropriate changes. Be sure to update your table of contents before submission. Name the document “yourname_IT644_IP5.doc.” Please submit your assignment. Worked Example Please refer to the worked example that follows for an example of this assignment based on the Problem-Based Learning Scenario. The worked example is not intended to be a complete example of the assignment


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