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IT 697 IT697 IT/697 Week 11 Discussion Lessons Learned


IT 697 IT697 IT/697 Week 11 Discussion Lessons Learned The Lessons Learned Discussion is your opportunity to reflect upon your experiences in this course and your degree program. Consider the following questions as you prepare the posting. 1. What did you learn as a result of completing the project? 2. What suggestions do you have for the improvement of the capstone course and/or project? 3. What are some of the most interesting and/or useful topics or courses from your master’s program? Explain. 4. How do you plan to use what you have learned in this course and in your program as you begin or continue your career? 5. Consider you entire learning experience at CTU. What changes would you recommend to improve the learning experience for other students at CTU? Instructions • You are encouraged to respond to the postings and questions of other students. • You are expected to respond to any questions asked by the professor or another student. • You are expected to edit your posting for errors of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence construction. See the document Discussion 7: Lessons Learned Instructions with the Evaluation Rubric in Learning Materials, Week 11.


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