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IT 697 IT697 IT/697 Week 10 Assignment Project Presentation Draft


IT 697 Week 10 Assignment Project Presentation Draft An effective presentation must be planned and tested to ensure the following: • The required content is presented. • The slides can be easily read. • The slides have appropriate color combinations. • The number of slides is appropriate to the time available for the presentation. Requirements The following are the requirements for the Project Presentation: 1. The presentation must include applicable content from the following list. Note that the individual slide titles should not be the same as the list items. a. Title slide b. Agenda slide c. Project introduction d. The problem or question you studied e. Brief description of your research or implementation f. Results of your research or implementation g. Evaluation of your project – what worked and what did not work h. Conclusion i. References 2. The presentation should be planned for a maximum of 10 minutes, including questions from the audience. a. Caution: Preparing a presentation of 10 minutes is more difficult than preparing a longer presentation. b. Suggestion: Practice the presentation. Prepare a draft of your project presentation. The draft slide set must include slides showing the outline of your presentation and contain approximately the same number of slides as your final presentation. See the document Presentation Draft Instructions in Learning Materials, Week 10.


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