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IT/644 IT644 IT 644 Unit 2 Individual Project


IT 644 Unit 2 Individual Project Case Study: Problem 2 GSC just received the first report from its IT governance (ITG) consultant. The report revealed that the consultant was shocked to find that there was no IT mission statement. In addition, the purpose and goals of some IT projects were not clearly stated or defined. On the business side, the consultant was provided with the business strategy and a list of business goals. After interviews with each of the six department managers, however, it was found that three of the managers were operating on goals that were different from the provided list. One of these departments was IT. Assignment One of the first tasks in the development of an IT Governance Policies and Procedures Manual is to map the business goals for the organization to the IT goals and make sure they are in alignment. To perform this step, it is necessary to understand the business goals and to ensure the IT goals will not contradict the business goals, or to take steps to correct any alignment issues. An IT mission statement will then be prepared to guide the overall operation and decision making of the IT department in a way that supports the business vision. The following tasks to be completed before adding the new content for Week 2: • Update the IT Governance Policies and Procedures Manual title page with a new date and project name. • Update the previously completed sections based on your instructor’s feedback. Week 2: Business and IT Goals and Mission Statement For this assignment, you will create business and IT goals and a mission statement for your selected organization. The project deliverables are as follows: • Business and IT Goals o List and describe at least 3 major business goals for your organization. o List and describe the IT goals for your organization that will support the business goals. o List and describe any additional IT goals required to support the IT operations of the organization, including support of the IT mission statement. o Discuss any conflicts between the business and IT goals of the organization, and address any changes that must be made to resolve the conflicts. • IT Mission Statement o Identify the key goals from the Business and IT Goals analysis that will form the basis of the IT mission statement. o Prepare the mission statement using clear, concise language that addresses each of the key goals you identified in the first step. A good process to follow is:  Write a 1-sentence description of each key goal.  Combine any sentences that are essentially the same.  List the sentences in order of importance to the organization’s vision.  Combine the top 3–5 sentences into 1 paragraph. o Note: Show all of these steps in your manual to demonstrate how you prepared the mission statement. • Be sure to update your table of contents before submission. • Name the document “yourname_IT644_IP2.doc.”


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