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IT/541 IT541 IT 541 Unit 5 Discussion


IT 541 Unit 5 Discussion Privacy Policies Topic 1: Privacy policies Many countries require organizations that collect personal information to publish a privacy policy that will outline how the company will handle and use this information. Find a copy of the privacy policy for an organization that has asked you to provide personal information. Does their policy address all of the principles discussed in the text? (Reference Section 18.3). Which areas are lacking? Comment on another student’s post. Secure network client OS All operating systems have a set of “kernel” code that contains the basic core of the operating system. The kernel code allows the user to control the hardware and many of the applications used by the computer. A number of “security kernels” have been designed that are intended to protect the operating system from unauthorized modification as well as controlling access to the OS and ensuring that the operating system functions correctly. One obvious disadvantage to deploying an OS with a security kernel is that the security code incurs additional processing overhead. What other disadvantages and advantages might be involved? If considered as a client OS to be deployed across an organization, under what circumstances would the disadvantages of a security kernel be justified? Why? Comment on another student’s posting. Computer Science Assignment Help, Computer Science Homework help, Computer Science Study Help, Computer Science Course Help


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