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IT/541 IT541 IT 541 Unit 3 Discussion


IT 541 Unit 3 Discussion Determining a Choice between an IDS or an IPS Although on the surface, an IPS and an IDS appear to be similar technologies, when their functions and placement within a network are examined it becomes obvious that they are quite different. An IPS bears a similarity to an enterprise-level firewall in that the technology typically uses rules to determine what types of traffic to allow or deny access. As such, an IPS, like a firewall, can be considered a control tool. An IDS behaves more like a protocol analyzer and can help a security manager gain in-depth knowledge of what is happening on the network, such as whether there have been security policy violations, unauthorized traffic, or just a variety of configuration errors. Thus, an IDS is more of an analysis tool. Consider the scenario from Unit 2: You are the security administrator for a medium-sized retail business with around 2,000 users. You already have a firewall in place but are considering adding an additional layer of security for your network. Which would you buy: an IDS or an IPS? Which technology would be the bigger “bang for your buck,” given the business focus, and why? Review and respond to at least two other students’ opinions. Attacks and Threats The entire threat and attack arena has changed markedly over the past decade. In the past, attacks were usually perpetrated as a stand-alone, one-time incident. With the advent of well-funded state-sponsored teams of hackers, however, a new flavor of attack has begun to emerge: the Advanced Persistent Attack. An APT consists of a long-term attack vector launched against a specific target. This type of attack campaign can last months, even years, as the attackers search for any vulnerability that can be exploited, modifying their techniques as the target tries to patch the holes. As a security administrator, what differences do you see between a modern APT and more traditional attacks? What strategies would you employ to protect your organization from an APT? Review and respond to at least two other students’ opinions. Computer Science Assignment Help, Computer Science Homework help, Computer Science Study Help, Computer Science Course Help


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