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IST 7020 Wilmington University


SWOT Analysis IST 7020 Wilmington University Develop a complete online business case research paper. This may be a real example from your work environment or a fictional example from anywhere you choose. I expect it will be based in large part on the results of the attached documents given below , Business Case Template Definition. SWOT Analysis IST 7020 Wilmington University The SWOT analysis for Online Business is as follows: Strengths: – The competition is very less – The business running costs are very cheaper – Easily adaptable – We can setup this business anywhere and from any place in the world Weaknesses: – If we start this business there will be some unknown costs like developing the website and the setup of the entire system – There is no guarantee for the success, it may be a failure too – Lack of expertise in this particular business – Initially, the business would be very slow as it is not aware by everyone. It takes time to get the business more popular Opportunities: – Working with the external expertise – If we achieve in getting a very good user expertise then it takes lesser marketing costs and in this way we make a lot of money – We can make a word of mouth marketing which is the cheapest method of marketing – The creation of online business can make millions of world-wide users Threats: – Other online businesses – Lack of users – Grabbing many of the clients to make profit – Marketing costs – Tax payments is the main threat for online business Reference: Rob Hart’s Blog. (n.d.). Retrieved January 30, 2016, from http://robhart.co.uk/wp/?p=646


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