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Word limit 2500 words (plus reference list) you must include the word count on the front cover of your assignment. The purpose of the essay is to test your understanding of theory and research in the field of international human resource management. You are required to demonstrate a depth of reading of theory and research. Choose and describe a multinational company of your choice and its organisational model. Select a recent HR problem that the company is facing. Explain what intervention could or would be relevant to the situation and why and justify your answer. Provide a proposal for the intervention. Use supporting literature to assist your argument. MARKING CRITERIA FOR THE ESSAY Structure Questions you might ask yourself? Marks General content • Identification of relevant concepts and issues Have i: -defined key terms -shown I am familiar with key debates about the topic? Argument & Structure • Introduction • Logical development of argument • Evidence to support argument • A critical approach to argument • Breadth and depth of reading • Conclusion You will get most of your marks for the quality of your argument Have I -planned my argument? -referred back to my thesis statement -found strong and relevant examples from the literature to support the points I make in each paragraph? -integrated my quotes and paraphrases seamlessly Do not just tack quotes onto the end of sentences. Reference material • Selection of quotes and paraphrases used as evidence & for examples • Accuracy of in-text referencing Have I: -strictly followed the Harvard referencing style. You will probably lose marks if you haven’t Presentation • Reference list presentation • Writing style e.g. clear, concise • Paragraphing • Formal English (spelling, grammar, punctuation) • Font Times Roman 12 • Proofreading/editing Have I checked if my ideas are clearly expressed? Have I formatted my reference list following the Harvard style of referencing? Have I checked if my spelling and grammar are correct?


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