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ISSC 340 IT Project Outline Assignment


ISSC 340 IT Project Outline Assignment This week, you create an outline for your project (whose topic you specified in Week 2). The Outline must include sections and subsections on the various parts of the project, according to the following general framework: · Description and goal of the project · Technical background and literature review on the project subject · Technical description of the proposed solution to the project (including diagrams, graphics, equipment specs, vendors) · Analysis and discussion of the solution to the project (e.g., benefits to your employer) · References (at least 2 good references in APA) In each section and subsection, insert a couple of sentences (or short paragraph) describing the anticipated/expected content. The last section of the outline must be a bibliography with at least 2 references. The final project report will follow this outline.You may submit your outline in a word file with the following file naming convention: ISSC340_Outline_First_Last.doc(x) replacing the First and Last with your first and last names respectively and submit the file unto the Assignments page.Please review the APA guidelines in the student handbook. Alternatively, you may copy and paste the Outline directly into the submission window (instead of attaching a file). Outline format: Please adhere to a standard outline format of sections and sub-sections, along the structure shown below: 1. Section 1 (e.g., introduction of the project) 1. Subsection 1.1 2. Subsection 1.2 2. Section 2 (e.g., Background review) 1. Subsection 2.1 2. Subsection 2.2 3. Subsection 2.3 4. Subsection 2.4 3. Section 3 (e.g., Technical solution to the project)…. this is the core section of the project 1. Subsection 3.1 2. Subsection 3.2 1. Sub-subsection b.1 2. Sub-subsection b.2 3. Subsection 3.3 4. Subsection 3.3 4. Discussion of the solution 1. Sub-section 4.1 2. Subsection 4.2 5. Conclusion References (in APA Style formatting). You may insert a sentence or two after each section and/or sub-section, or selected ones. Forum Grading Criteria Forum Grading Criteria Maximum Points Appropriate use of terms, correct spelling and grammar 0.6 Uses external resources validating position with applicable knowledge 0.6 Completion of required tasks 3.0 Compliance with APA Style Formatting 0.8 Total Points: 5.0


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