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ISCOM/472 ISCOM472 ISCOM 472 Week 5 Continuous Improvement Assignment


ISCOM 472 Week 5 Continuous Improvement Applying Measurements and Value Stream Mapping Write a 1,050-word paper that recommends and evaluates the final business process improvement plan for your selected organization. Address the following in your paper: • Explain the metrics and processes your team will use to monitor and sustain your planned improvements. • Develop the metrics to quantify the level of improvement in your selected processes. • Compare and contrast the various measurement techniques your team selected to measure and sustain the new To-Be process. Why were some chosen and others not? • Describe what Value Stream Mapping is and how it can be used to help the To-Be Process. • Evaluate the most important parts of the Value Stream Mapping. • Explain how continuous improvement can help your chosen company monitor processes in comparison to stopping at the To-Be Process mapping phase? • Analyze how your team can sustain continuous improvement with the new, improved process.


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