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ISCOM 472 WEEK 3 ASSIGNMENT 2 DMAIC Problem Solving Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® slide presentation with speaker notes addressing each of the process improvement phases of DMAIC. Identify a process you want to improve in your personal life or in your organization, or one you know that may benefit from improvement. Research each of the following phases: • Define • Measure • Analyze • Improve • Control Describe two different tools/techniques, using one slide per each phase of DMAIC and two tools/techniques per each phase, 3 slides total each phase, to analyze a process you have chosen to improve. Use 5 Whys and 5S as two of your 10 selected tools/techniques. You may choose the other eight tools/techniques.For each phase, provide applied examples of process improvement within your workplace or an organization with which you are familiar and apply tools/techniques to each phase. • Define o Tool 1 o Tool 2 • Measure o Tool 1 o Tool 2 • Analyze o Tool 1 o Tool 2 • Improve o Tool 1 o Tool 2 • Control o Tool 1 o Tool 2 Tools/Techniques are from the text / toolbox such as 5 Whys, 5S, Flow Charts, Pareto Charts, Control Charts, Scatter Diagrams, Brainstorming, etc. Note: You need to show detail in the speaker section. This is worth 15 points (15% of your grade) so please give details of how the tools/techniques are used, and give examples. Format your PowerPoint® presentation consistent with APA guidelines.The presentation will need to be 19 slides and include the following: title slide, introduction, content, conclusion and reference slide. Each phase must have one description slide plus two slides for each technique/tool chosen and must also provide examples and personal application on the slide with details in the speaker notes. Use a minimum of 3 different references that are not from the same online text, library book or article. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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