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ISCOM 472 WEEK 1 ASSIGNMENT 2 Team Selection Assignment 1 Form your team and post your selected organization that will benchmark against Toyota while suggesting improvements and the change process to the Assignment Files tab along with the details below. Choose a public company that is listed in the stock market that your team thinks needs improvement with data easily found on the Internet. Post the name of the company and why you chose it related to the Week 2 through Week 5 assignments below. You should not choose companies like Walmart, GE or other well-known companies that have used the tools you will learn in this class; most major process improvements are already completed at these companies. Write 350 words with explanations in paragraph or bullet form. Your team ideas should address all Weeks 2-5 assignments and how your team’s selected company needing improvement relates to each assignment requirement. Give details on the “what” not the “how” your team will improve by working together. In Week 2, your team will select (benchmark) a company needing improvement. In Week 3, your team will map a process (As-Is) and explain some processes that may need to be fixed. In Week 4, your team will fix the process (To-Be). In Week 5, your team will explain how you can measure to monitor the process and work toward continuous improvements. Write a 350-word paper addressing the following: • Describe the selected company and why it needs lean enterprise improvements. • Describe two processes and your team’s plan to map As-Is process flowchart. • Describe some ideas how to fix the processes and map To-Be process flowchart. • Describe how your team will examine and use measures, metrics, value stream mapping and continuous improvement. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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