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Joseph Bond, CFE, is preparing to give an educational presentation about investment fraud at the annual ACFE conference, which will be held in Las Vegas. The public is becoming more aware that fraud is a serious problem. Recent financial scandals such as Enron’s off book accounting schemes and the Madoff/Ponzi investment scheme have highlighted examples of significant frauds. There are a significant amount of articles and cases in newspapers, business magazines, and journals such as the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Business Week, Fortune, Forbes, and Barron’s. Also, there are many professional and academic journals that cover fraud topics such as the Fraud Magazine, Journal of Accountancy, The Internal Auditor, The Journal of Forensic Accounting, Journal of Financial Crime and The Journal of Economic Crime Management. There are countless Web sites and organizations devoted to economic crime. These cases have resulted in significant economic losses. Individual Assignment: Overview of fraud investigation report (5–7 pages) Prepare a paper briefly describing an overview of the steps you would use in an investigation related to the case selected for the Group Project. Your paper should identify and discuss the steps you would take for such an investigation from predication to conclusion. This would include the preplanning (predication, fraud theory), investigation (documentary review, interviews, observation, and other evidence gathering methods), and the reporting and recommendation stage or other follow-up. Your paper should explore 1 area in detail, providing some research. For example, you may discuss 1 the following: The uniqueness of the fraud in the industry, including statistical comparative date The criminal or civil court procedures used in your case The motivational factors for the fraud Additional research that you discovered on the perpetrators, including any public record search to find what information is available for investigators Any other area with your Group Presentation that allows you to provide additional evaluation and critical thinking comments in this project


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