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Intervention for Small Group


Intervention Research Paper 15 points Objective: To develop your knowledge in an intervention that is of interest to you. Instructions: You will write a research paper on one of the interventions in the list below. Interventions List Individual Small Group Large System Mentoring Team Building Job Descriptions Coaching Group Training Workshop Strategic Planning 1 x1 Training Group Briefing Communication strategy New HR practice (i.e. *You may select another intervention with approval of the instructor. recognition program, Performance management) Requirements: 2 – 3 pages in length Your presentation must cover the following information: – key features of the intervention – system level for which the intervention is most appropriate (individual, small group or large system) – three best practices** for the intervention – two examples of how this intervention has been used effectively in organizations You must cite three new sources (other than class materials) using APA guidelines. Due: Monday, Week 5 to the Dropbox. Grading Criteria Requirement Points Identified key features of the intervention 3 Identified the system level for which intervention is most suitable 3 Cited three best practices for intervention 3 Provided two examples of how this intervention has been used in organizations 3 Paper is well organized 2 Cited all sources correctly*** 1 **Best practices: a recognized technique, method, process, activity, incentive or reward that is more effective at delivering a particular outcome than any other technique, method, process, activity or incentive. ***Please consult the following guide for APA conventions on citing sources: http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/instruct/guides/apastyle.pdf


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