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International operations


Assignment: Business Interview and Report, Part I. Select one of the following topics: International operations: Report how a U.S. company goes about choosing which countries to enter and the financial challenges faced in international expansion. Interest Rates: Choose one factor that affects interest rates. Report on how this factor has influenced current rates and what this means for financial markets. Risk Analysis: Report on the steps a decision maker would go through in conducting and applying a risk analysis. Corporate Organization: Report on the data and insight that should be included in the financial section of a business plan for a new company that is organizing as a corporation. Conduct research on the topic you have chosen and write a 250 word overview report. Prepare for week six where you will interview a local business leader to gather information that will offer insight on your topic. Your selected local business leader may include a member of the local chamber of commerce, government official, or someone else who is knowledgeable about the topic. Compose five interview questions you will administer in week six.


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