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mport and Export/Countertrade: Read Closing Case: Exporting and Growth for Small Business at the end of chapter 15 and write a 3 page paper in APA format with a detailed analysis that answers the following questions: • What are the main benefits of exporting for companies like Morgan and Wadia? • What would be the outlook for a company like Morgan Motors if it neither exported nor imported? • What impediments to exporting success do companies such as Morgan and Wadia face? What steps can these companies take to improve their probability of succeeding in export markets? • Is it legitimate for local and national government agencies to use taxpayer money to help small companies export. Import and Export/Countertrade: This paper uses the closing case of Chapter 15 to focus on issues related to Exporting/Importing and Countertrade which are covered in the chapter. For parts a. and b. of the question you can focus on the content in the opening section of the chapter (Hill, pp. 522-523). The last part of the question about government assistance is addressed to different degrees in the section on Export Assistance (Hill, p. 534) but this also requires some of the “detailed analysis” referred to in the question. You may get some useful information on the US government’s website http://www.export.gov


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