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Information Systems Homework Help


Information Systems Homework Help 5 pages Information Systems and Technology for robot 5 pages paper for a part of group work Information Systems and Technology for how robot good and bad of replacing human dashers? I. PROJECT PURPOSE The project is designed to give you an in-depth teamwork experience with an information technology, application, product, service, trend or a related topic. The requirement is to prepare a 24-25-page technical paper on any information technology topic related to this course. The technical paper and presentation should reflect the problem, the context, the current best practice, the architecture, and the state of art in information technology. II. PROJECT FORMAT Each team will jointly define its project. While each project should be an integrated team effort, i.e. there is a single deliverable; you should identify both in your project proposal and final report what part of the project each team member is responsible for. Note: This is a course in a business school and the project subject matter should be business oriented and presented in acceptable management format, i.e., you are presenting the final project to your boss. Final Report • The final written report should be professionally written in Word format and in APA style with about 24-25 double-spaced pages. A cover page is required. The report should include the following: o Course Information o Executive Summary o Introduction o Main part(s) of the report o Conclusion o References


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