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Information Security Management


Key Assignment The Key Assignment final draft should include the following sections: Section 1: Information Security Management This section will be used to describe the organization and establish the security model to be used by the organization. Section 2: Security Program This section will focus on existing frameworks that can help in the implementation of a security plan and what a security organization should look like. Section 3: Security Policies This section looks at security policies and their creation. Section 4: Assessing Risk This section will focus on risk assessments and methodologies that are used to perform one. Section 5: Controlling Risk This final section combines all of the previous sections and gives the opportunity to look at mechanisms to control risk. Be sure to include an abstract and a References page in your final draft. The project deliverables for Week 5 are as follows: Section 5: Controlling Risk Given the following categories or areas where risk exists, and then the 3 assets for each, describe how you will test for associated risk: Administrative Human resources: Hiring and termination practices Organizational structure: A formal security program Security policies: Accurate, updated, and known or used Technical Access control: Least privileged System architecture: Separated network segments System configurations: Default configurations Physical Heating and air conditioning: Proper cooling and humidity Fire: Fire suppression Flood: Data center location Once you have described the tests that will be conducted to test each, assume that failure or holes were found in each of them. Next, describe at least 3 safeguards for each that could be put in place to address the risk.


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