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INFA/620 INFA620 INFA 620 Session 2 Discussion


INFA 620 Session 2 Discussion Cryptography and Data security. Design of a security system. Another way of fighting against attacks is to protect data from harm. This session we discuss the problem of data security. Keeping the important information secret was always a concern in any field of human activity. Even in ancient times encryption techniques were used to keep information secret. So, one component of data protection is confidentiality. Another component is integrity. This means to ensure that data was not altered, i.e., it is authentic. In modern times, data security can be accomplished by restricting access, providing physical security for computers, and by using confidentiality, integrity, availability, privacy and non-repudiation principles. The universal technique for providing confidentiality for transmitted data is encryption. Encryption protects against passive attacks. Protection against active attacks is known as message authentication. Read through Chapters 2 and 3 of Stallings textbook and Session 2 notes and try to understand the key elements of Cryptography and Message Authentication. ________________________________________ Assignment: 1. Post a brief explanation regarding the following issues: • What methods/facilities are available to secure data in today’s systems? Have these methods proved to be adequate? If not, what changes would you recommend to make these methods more secure? • Why do you need message authentication? Does encryption solve the problem of message authentication? Explain. • You are asked to design a security system for a company to ensure data protection according to the CIA triad. Discuss how you would go about beginning such an assignment and then explain what your final design should accomplish. Keep in mind cost as an issue. Post your concise answers as a reply to this conference topic. When you finished posting, consult your colleagues’ responses and engage in discussions.


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