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indifference curves



indifference curves . Stock A has an expected return rA = 10% and A = 10%. Stock B has rB = 14% and B = 15%. rAB = 0. The rate of return on riskless assets is 6%. a. Construct a graph that shows the feasible and efficient sets, giving consideration to the existence of the riskless asset. b. Explain what would happen to the CML if the two stocks had (a) a positive correlation coefficient or (b) a negative correlation coefficient. c. Suppose these were the only three securities (A, B, and riskless) in the economy, and everyone’s indifference curves were such that they were tangent to the CML to the right of the point where the CML was tangent to the efficient set of risky assets. Would this represent a stable equilibrium? If not, how would an equilibrium be produced? Business Assignment Help, Business Homework help, Business Study Help, Business Course Help


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