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IFSM 438 Authentic Assessment Integrated Team Project


IFSM 438 Authentic Assessment Integrated Team Project (ITP) Master Document Project Descriptions This document provides all of the details and instructions for the ITP and TPP assignments for the IFSM438 class. In the first week of the semester, students should read the material up to the Introduction to Team Process Course Completion Plan Assignments. In each subsequent week of the class, each chapter provides the relevant details, requirements and grading criteria for the semester. By Week 8, the requirements for ITP-7 and TPP-2 will conclude the assignments. The details for each assignment are the minimum requirements. Questions about this document or the assignments should be directed to the instructor of the class. Contents “Authentic Assessment” Integrated Team Project (ITP) 3 Notes on the Integrated Team Project (ITP) 4 Overview 4 Team Roles and Interaction 5 Team Contribution Assessment and Grading of Team Assignments 6 Submission of the Project Deliverables for Grading 13 Grading Rubrics 14 General Theme and ITP Project Requirements 14 Case Scenario – Marley Dental Clinic 15 Project Documentation Requirements 17 Introduction to Team Process Course Completion Plan Assignments 21 TPP-1 – Plan and Schedule for Team Process (Team project) 21 ITP-1 – Project Charter (Team project) 27 ITP-2i – Project Work Breakdown Structure with Durations (Individual project) 33 ITP-3 – Project Schedule with Task Dependency Links (Team project) 41 ITP-4 – Project Resources and Costs (Team project) 46 ITP-5i – Project Risk Assessment (Individual project) 54 ITP-6 – Consolidated Project Management Plan (Team project) 59 ITP-7 – Project Execution, Tracking, and Changes (Team project) 65 TPP-2 – Project Post-Mortem Analysis (Team project) 71   “Authentic Assessment” Integrated Team Project (ITP) This course uses a so-called “authentic assessment” instead of a final exam. The purpose of the authentic assessment is to assess your learning by doing. That is, you will demonstrate project management by completing a large team project over the course of the semester, including its project documentation and (in MS Project) its schedule. The authentic assessment consists of the Integrated Team Project), which in turn is comprised of multiple parts or deliverables spread out over the course of the semester in the approximate order they would be done in a real world project. Critical thinking, creativity and problem solving techniques will be used as the team goes through the project planning and execution exercises. The authentic assessment (ITP) in total is worth 65% of the overall course grade equating to 45% as group effort and 20% as individual effort. ITP Projects: 65. Total ITP-1 – Project Charter (Word) (Team project) 5. ITP-2- WBS w/ Durations (Word or Excel or Microsoft Project MSP – Project is preferred) (Individual project) 10. ITP-3 – Project Sched w/ Dependency Links (MSP) (Team project) 10. ITP-4 – Project Costs and Resources (MSP) (Team project) 10. ITP-5- Project Risk Assessment (Table in Word or Excel) (Individual project) 10. ITP-6 – Consolidated Project Plan (Word & Excel & MSP) (Team project) 10 ITP-7 – Project Execution, Tracking, and Changes (MS Word and MSP) 10. In addition, there are two team projects (Team Process Course Completion Plan — TPP-1 and TPP-2) that are not part of the Authentic Assessment (though they are graded): Team Process Plan: 9. Total TPP-1 – Team Process Plan and Schedule (Word & Excel) (Team project) 5. TPP-2 – Project Post-Mortem (Word) (Team project) 4. Because this course uses an authentic assessment, there is no final exam. Notes on the Integrated Team Project (ITP) Overview Business and IT professionals and/or project managers are involved with the development and management of a variety of small- and large-scale projects. They are also required to prepare documentation and guidelines associated with these projects. Th


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