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Identify all of the operational, behavioral, ethical and accounting issues


Case Analyses Required Format: Facts Briefly summarize the relevant facts of the case. Issues Identify all of the operational, behavioral, ethical and accounting issues that are important in the case. You will have multiple issues in each category. Possible Courses Of Action Identify all of the realistic courses of action to resolve the issues in this case. Put yourself in the place of the principal player in the case. Analyze each course of action and evaluate the consequences of each action from the perspective of the principal player. Best Course Of Action After evaluating each alternative, decide on a course of action and RECOMMEND your choice. You must make a choice as to which course of action should be pursued and state the reasons why this course of action is the best one for the case. Additional information for writing the case analyses: • Write in the third person. Do not use ‘I’ or ‘me’ when writing this paper. • You are writing this analysis to a busy executive in your company. That applies to the tone, content, approach and organization. • Use business terms, not street or conversational structures. • Use spell check. Spelling and sentence structure is important in your business writing. Poor grammar and spelling distracts from your message in the eyes of the reader. Your score on each paper will reflect your English writing ability. • Submit your paper in Microsoft Word. This will eliminate downloading and printing problems. • Font: Arial 11 point • Spacing: double space • Margins: Normal (1 inch) • Indent the first line of each new paragraph • Total number of pages (not including the title page) should be a minimum of 5 full pages. • Number your pages at the bottom center. • No headers or footers (no footers other than the page number at bottom center). • No graphics, tables, figures or bullet point lists on any of the pages including the title page


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