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IDEA GENERATION Good and Bad Ideas


Write a 2-3 page paper using APA format for references, addressing items a), b), and c) in question 4 on page 156 of the text. Be sure to use the information from the text and any other reference material needed to support your position. Please double space your paper. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation do count. Your work must be original material; properly cite all quoted and/or paraphrased material in APA format. Provide at least one scholarly reference Question 4: The following two articles provide different view-point about the opportunity recongnition process. • “Where Really Bad Ideas Come From”; http//www.inc.com/magazine/19981015/1114.html • “Where Great Ideas Come From”: http;//www.inc.com/magazine/19900401/908.html a) How are the sources of “bad” ideas different from sources of “good” idea? b) What makes a bad idea? How does this compare to a good idea? c) What are the characteristics of good opportunities?


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