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Human Resource Management Issues


International and Comparative Human Resource Strategies Submission of module assessment (4000 word essay) please use only the academic resources recommended at the end of the file Topic Title: Human Resource Management issues in the USA. ASSESSMENT INFORMATION The assessment for this module comprises a 4,000 word essay on an international HRM topic/ You are required to: – Discuss the nature and organisational implications of the selected topic. Guidelines for essay assessment Your essay should be written academically, in an essay style, and use the Harvard referencing system. Your essay should comprise: – an introductory paragraph (clearly stating the topic and aim of the essay) – main headings, and possibly sub-headings, in the main body of the essay. – conclusions; and – a full list of the references used (in the Harvard referencing style). Examples of introductory paragraphs *International business continues to grow (Dowling and Welsh, 2004), despite the global financial crisis. As managing people is a critical part of international business (D’Annunzio-Green et al., 2002) and contemporary work (Foot and Hook, 2011), it is important to critically analyse key concepts in international human resource management (IHRM). The aim of this essay is to discuss three key concepts of IHRM, namely the meaning of IHRM, national culture and cultural differences. Finally, conclusions are reached on the significance of these concepts within multi-national organisations. Assessment Criteria and Feedback The assessment criteria weightings for the essay are as follows: Presentation – establishment of aim; overall structure of introduction, main body, conclusions; sequencing of content; academic writing and referencing style 20% Development of discussion- use of appropriate secondary sources to build a clear line of discussion or analysis beyond describing and explaining information 70% Conclusions – reasoned and reasonable extension of main discussion, relative to stated aim of the essay 10% Essays are marked with reference to the marking guidelines overleaf. Introduction section of essay Is the essay topic and context expressly clear? Is the aim (purpose) of the essay on the stated topic and context explicitly clear? Are key terms defined? Is the structure of the rest of the essay outlined/ explained? Main Body Are the main (and sub-) headings clear? Is the discussion laid out in a logical order, with paragraphs of text on key points? Are academic references incorporated into the text in the Harvard referencing system? Does the discussion flow beyond replication/ description/ explanation of reference sources? Is the discussion balanced e.g. covering advantages and disadvantages? Are (some of) the secondary reference sources critiqued? Conclusions Is the conclusion section clear? Does it extend – not repeat – the main body discussion? Are the conclusions clearly linked back to the stated aim? Finally, is a full reference list, in the Harvard referencing system, included? Indicative Guide to Assessment Criteria for Masters Level Modules Students’ final marks will normally have the majority of the characteristics in the final mark range Characteristics Very GoodPass (60-69%) Introduction/ Contextual Framework Demonstrates a very good ability to place HR topic/ question within a wide organizational and contextual framework. Scope of knowledge, understanding & application Displays very good breadth of knowledge, understanding & application in most, but not all aspects of the HR topic/ question. Has comprehensive, but not always ‘critical’ awareness of current published research in both highly research based and applied articles/ reports, however some reliance on textbooks is evident. Depth and linkages (where relevant) Critical analysis, synthesis and evaluation Demonstratesvery good depth, and (where relevant), some integra


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