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Human Resource Management homework help


Explain in your presentation what may affect negotiations between business people from those nations. Investigate issues such as oculesics, proxemics, kinesics, chronemics and paralanguage, but also do not forget that historic or recent socio-political events can influence cross-cultural relationships. You may have to read widely on the countries that you discuss. All sources MUST be referenced using HARVARD referencing style. Evidence of academic research that supports your analysis. Include at least 10 academic references from relevant academic and peer-reviewed journal articles, news articles and periodicals. Choose which issues are relevant to your chosen pair of countries and what your presentation should focus on. It is recommended that you create scenarios and give examples for the influences that you discuss. Prepare your presentation slides, including a list of references, as handouts for the class. The hypothetical negotiation teams are from: · USA and Japan · France and Russia · Singapore and Mexico · Greece and Australia · China and India · Germany and Brazil · Vietnam and Turkey · Indonesia and South Africa · Cambodia and Sweden · Bangladesh and Canada · Bolivia and England · Denmark and Malaysia · Morocco and Philippines · Greece and Brunei · Pakistan and Uganda · Dubai and Thailand


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