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Human Resource Management homework help


An example of a job-related specification might be to require 3-5 years experience for a job as senior compensation analyst? True False Job Analysis is the process of obtaining information about jobs through a process of determining what the duties, tasks or activities of those jobs are. True False 3. Four basic factors needed to be taken into account when a job is deisgned include: the organization’s objectives; industrial engineering concerns of analyzing work methods and establishing time standards; ergonomic considerations; and, behavioral aspects such as the motivation of employees. True False 4. Employee interviewing is the most accurate method of job analysis because the employee is least likely to exaggerate essential job functions. True False 5. Traditionally, job analysis has assumed that jobs remain relatively stable except for minor changes in the incumbents who might hold these jobs. True False 6. Job specifications usually cover two areas: (1) the skill required to perform the job and (2) the level of autonomy inherent in the position. True False 7. Job design considers organizational objectives, industrial engineering considerations, ergonomic concerns, and job descriptions. True False 9. As a manager, if you designed a job so that an employee could perform the job from beginning to end according to the job characteristics model, you would be creating task identity. True False 10. Industrial engineering is a technique of job design that is concerned with efficiency and behavioral considerations of a job. True False A position is: a. a group of related activities and duties. b. the different duties and responsibilities performed by one employee. c. a statement of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform work. d. a statement of the tasks, duties and responsibilities associated with work. A job specification is: a. a group of related activities and duties b. the different duties and responsibilities performed by one employee c. a statement of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the work d. a statement of the tasks, duties, and responsibilities associated with work Employers must be able to show that job specifications: a. related specifically to the duties of the job b. describe fully the actual tasks, duties, and responsibilities of the job c. are non-related to job descriptions d. contain the criteria for evaluating the performance of the holder of the job Discrepancies between the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the jobholder and the KSA required for the job can be remedied by: a. training b. discipline c. corporation d. corporate leadership The worth and compensation of a job should depend on all of the following except: a. the conditions and hazards under which the work is performed b. the skill and effort the job requires c. the amount of responsibilitiy involved d. the sex of the employee Job analysis is called the cornerstone of HRM because: a. the information obtained is proactive b. it is the first job given to new HRM employees c. the information it collects serves so many HRM functions d. it is required by law Objectives accomplished through job analysis include all of the following except: a. establishing the job-relatedness of selection requirements b. establishing appropriate training material c. eliminating discrepancies between internal wage rates and market rates d. providing criteria for evaluating the performance of an employee Conducting job analysis is usually the primary responsibility of the: a. job incumbent b. line supervisors c. accounting department d. HR department Most job descriptions contain all of the following except a: a. job title b. job identification section c. job duties section d. job evaluation section The job specification section of a job de


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