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Human Resource Management homework help


1. Why do employees join unions? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a union member? 2. Chance occurrences, unsafe conditions, and employees’ unsafe acts are the three basic causes of work place accidents.Explain how you would reduce of occurrence of acts that contribute to these causes. 3. Explain the concept of human factors and how it relates to ergonomics. 4. Describe an ergonomic problem-solving strategy for each of the following types of work: seated repetitive work with light parts, work with hands above the chest height, and work with hand tools. 5. Is work comp insurance required in your South Carolina? If so, what happens if the employer fails to comply with the statute requiring this coverage? 6. Summarize OSHA’s requirements for machine guarding. 7. Discuss efforts to rid the workplace of all causes of workplace stress. Or, do we need to rid the workplace of all causes of workplace stress? 8. Choose one of the following concepts (permanent standards, inspections, record keeping, citations and penalties) with regard to OSHA, and for your choice, explain the purpose of the concept, and how an employer may be affected


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