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Human Resource Management homework help


1. Describe the term “technology overshoot” and provide examples. Describe how this sets up an industry for disruption. 350 words 2. Strategic Innovation Management, Ch. 12 Commercialization and Diffusion of Innovations Identify the characteristics of an innovation which influence the adoption and diffusion of an innovation, in particular relative advantage, compatibility, complexity, trialability and observability. 400 words https://phoenix.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781118863336/cfi/4/26!/4/2/2@0:0 3. Chapter 18 Exploiting Discontinuous Innovation what is discontinuous innovation and how it represents a key strategic challenge . What is the different ways in which disruption can occur to established markets. 400 words https://phoenix.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781118863336/cfi/6/8!/4/2/2@0:0 PART B 1. What are some ethical issues that a manager of technology must consider when creating visual aids for a presentation or speech? 350 WORDS 2. Envision presenting technical information to a nontechnical audience. What computer or technology tools should a manager of technology use to enhance their communications? Are there any tools or technology that should be avoided? 400WORDS 3. Define oral reports and describe important differences between oral and written reports. Describe the personal, physical, and vocal traits that contribute to an effective report or speech. 400 WORDS


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