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Queries relating to the portfolio assignment should be referred to: • Ciara Elston, HRM Group Teaching Assistant: ciara.elston2@mail.dcu.ie The portfolio is worth 25% of the total marks for the Introduction to HRM module and is assessed based on the completion of ALL of the elements detailed below. Marks will be deducted for each activity that is not completed, or for elements within an activity that are incomplete. Part I: Career Management Skills Module: Identifying and Analysing Job Options 1.1 Identify and interviewtwosuccessful professionals in your area of interest (e.g. Marketing/ HR/ Finance/ Law/ IT). Collect information about their career path and the attributes and skills that make them successful in their career. You should include a written report that compare and contrast the profiles of the two persons interviewed. This section should be no more than one typed A4 page. 1.2 Compare the views of the two respondents on a selected HRM practice Select one of the following three HRM practices: – Recruitment and selection – Reward management – Employee voice Define the selected HRM practice and identify two main alternative views on it based on the relevant literature. Collect information from the two respondents about their views on the selected HRM practice. Compare their viewsby analysing the empirical evidence provided by the two respondents. To what extent their views support the two alternative approaches identified in the literature? This section should be no more than one typed A4 page. In addition, please include an appendix (at the end of the project) with all the questions that you have asked the two professionals and their answers. Ask up to 12 questions on the topics specified in Appendix 1. Note: The failure to include the questions and answers in the appendix in your project will results in a 10% deduction of the grade for the entire project. 1.3 Explain why you would like to pursue a similar profession with the professionals interviewed byhighlighting six key attributes which would make you suitable. Please give supporting evidence of where you have demonstrated these skills. The information should be presented in a table as outlined below: Skill Example of an occasion when skill was demonstrated Please note that you are expected to discuss your ability to work in team, based on your results from Belbin’s SPI survey. Avoid the use of shorthand and include complete sentences when preparing this table. 1.4 Identify whether you would like to work within a Small to Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) or a Multinational organisation. You must also give reasons for your preference (200 words approx). Part 2: What are My Options? Please identify a job description for a position you would like to pursue as a summer internship, or following completion of your programme of study.Then, complete the following: 2.1 Include the job specification/description for the position you wish to apply for as part of your portfolio. 2.2 Prepare a 2 page CV &1 page Cover Letter for the above position. Both should be tailored to the job description. The cover letter should incorporate the following: • Clearly identify the position applied for and state where you saw the position advertised. • Why you wish to apply for this position. What will be your biggest contribution in the role? • Why are you interested in working for this company – relate your skills, experiences, DCU projects etc to the position applied for. • Mention that you are including your CV for their review and indicate your availability for interview. Please ensure that you format the cover letter correctly and include relevant addresses and the date. The letter should also be addressed to a named individual. 2.3 Write a career action plan with four clearly identifiable objectives and outline how you propose to achieve them within a given timefram


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