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HUM/111 HUM111 HUM 111 Week 9 Knowledge Check


HUM 111 Week 9 Knowledge Check 1. The stage theory advanced in Critical Thinkingis based on: 2. The most important variables that affect the evolution to reaching the advance stage are: 3. We know we are reaching the accomplished thinker stage when we: 4. As one advances in stages, one learns to: 5. Because accomplished thinkers achieve a high level of success in bringing their thoughts, emotions and actions in line with their ideals it follows that they: 6. Our thinking, choices and actions will: 7. Philosophy Jose Ortega Gasset says that many things fail to interest us because they do not fit enough surfaces in our mind on which to live. Therefore in order to think more critically in the future we must: 8. Spending time in self-reflection, discussion and in writing will: 9. As we encounter our personal barriers in the future we will: 10. How might you develop effective thinking patterns in your mind?


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