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HUM/111 HUM111 HUM 111 Week 8 Pros and Cons


HUM 111 Week 8 Pros and Cons In Chapter 12 of this week’s readings, we are learning about using pros and cons as a way to pinpoint solutions to problems. For Activity 12.4 in Ch. 12, the problem is curbing the handgun homicide rate in the United States. Below, I have listed potential solutions offered. Choose one of the potential solutions, then discuss the pros and cons of the choice you made. Weighing Pros and Cons 1. Make it illegal to own a handgun and create severe, mandatory sentencing for violation of this law. 2. Require that people convicted of theft or violent crime after the age of eighteen be forbidden forever to own a handgun. 3. Require that the punishment for any crime committed with a handgun be double what it would have been without a handgun. 4. Require every middle school and high school in the United States to set up metal-screening devices in school entrances and conduct thoroughlocker checks at random throughout the school year. 5. Allow all citizens to carry a handgun in their cars, places of business, and homes for their own defense. 6. Forbid the television industry to broadcast programs with scenes of gun murder. 7. Require parents to lock up all handguns and ammunition they own and remove children from the home of any parent who fails to abide by thislaw. 8. Require that all gun owners be licensed and pass a mandatory gun safety course. 9. Initiate an education program starting in elementary school that instills self-esteem, teaches self-restraint, and explores alternatives to violencefor solving personal problems. 10. Enlist the services of the U.S. Army in the control of illegal substances in the United States.


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