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HUM/111 HUM111 HUM 111 Week 8 Knowledge Check


HUM 111 Week 8 Knowledge Check 1. A common pattern of irrational decision-making is: 2. Recognizing that a decision is at hand is not all there is to making a decision. We must also recognize: 3. Failure to accurately identify alternatives comes in two forms: 4. Thinking too narrowly is difficult to correct because: 5. Many of us make decisions not knowing that our feelings are driving our thoughts. If we: 6. When selecting a solution after all ideas have been generated, we do all of the following EXCEPT: 7. If a decision does not have to be made immediately: 8. Before making a decision we usually think first, and then act. However, some research suggest that: 9. Action gives imput into the cycle of thinking-deciding-acting, which leads to: 10. If we want our plan to have an enduring effect, we have to periodically:


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