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HUM/111 HUM111 HUM 111 Week 6 Points of View


HUM 111 Week 6 Points of View Write a 300- to 350- word response to the following: • Identify an opinion you possess on a specific social, political, or educational issue. Make sure you clarify this in your first paragraph! Research your opinion. Locate two reliable and credible articles from the University Library. Describe why you chose these articles and explain how they are reliable and credible. • What did the data reveal about your opinion? In other words, was it supported or disproved by your findings? • Has your opinion changed after researching it? Explain your answer. What information do you think is needed to formulate an educated opinion? This is a formal paper. The easiest way to organize this paper is in three paragraphs; one for each set of questions. Before submission, make sure you double check your work against the grading rubric to ensure you have covered all of the requirements. Make sure you proofread and edit your work. Errors and vague statements all affect the quality of work. Cite your sources. For this assignment, you are required to use 2 University sources. All University documents have a link for citations. On the right hand side of each article, click the ‘cite’ link. Copy and paste the citations in the reference section of your papers. This makes formatting your sources a breeze! If you have any questions as you complete this assignment, do not hesitate to contact me!


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