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HUM/111 HUM111 HUM 111 Week 5 Knowledge Check


HUM 111 Week 5 Knowledge Check 1. If an argument’s reasons do not support its conclusion: 2. Before we believe a descriptive assumption : 3. “According to my doctor I should be taking antidepressant drugs to help me cope with my recent episodes of depression and I don’t need to worry about side effects.” This person has defended his claim by: 4. Personal observations are untrustworthy evidence due to the following EXCEPT: 5. One of the strategies used to evaluate reasoning by analogy is to focus on: 6. If objectivity in the construction of news stories is thought of as presenting the facts and only the facts then, according to Critical Thinking, 7. A News commentator presents positions consistent with a picture of the world shared by most of his readers. His audience views him as objective only to the extent that what he presents reflects mainstream views. This is an example of: 8. The news media have little choice but to package what they produce within a sociocentric framework because: 9. When conducted well, _________________is one of the best sources of evidence because_____________________. 10. Before we judge the persuasiveness of a communication we need to:


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