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HTM 150 HTM150 HTM/150 Week 8 Discussion 2


HTM 150 Week 8 Discussion 2 “Assessing Quality Service” Please respond to the following: • Review the different types of techniques guests use to assess service quality after their experience found in Table 12-3 in Chapter 12 of your textbook. Choose the best technique for measuring hotel service quality standards and create three to five questions for customers to answer using the technique you choose. Explain your reasoning behind your decisions. • From the e-Activity, review each of the comment cards and describe the types of questions asked. Make improvements to the comment cards in order for the customers to provide a better assessment of the organizations’ service quality. Provide an explanation of the improvements you make. Hospitality And Tourism Management Help, Hospitality And Tourism Management Homework help, Hospitality And Tourism Management Study Help, Hospitality And Tourism Management Course Help


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