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HTM 100 Week 5 Midterm Exam


HTM 100 Week 5 Midterm Exam Intangible means All of the following are part of Disney’s “Five Steps of Leadership” EXCEPT: Guest loyalty is Franchising hotels was begun in 1907 by Purchasing the right to use a company’s trademark and copyrighted materials is known as Marriott builds a hotel for $34 million and sells it to a banking firm for $52 million. Marriott charges the banking firm 2-4 % of gross revenues to operate the hotel. This business transaction is known as When selling rooms a front desk associate might try to upsell. This means Rack rate is The Hotel California has 642 rooms and the room revenue is $84,593. The REV PAR is: The individual responsible for the task of balancing the guests accounts receivables is the Hotel restaurants present a challenge to Food and Beverage directors because Introduced by Escoffier, this kitchen system organizes work stations more effectively. A banquet refers to The most important ingredient in beer is Beer is a brewed and fermented beverage made from ________ and flavored with ________. Cognac is regarded as the best brandy in the world and is made Champagne can be served Good examples of casual dining restaurants are The ________ are credited with the “culinary arts.” Fusion restaurants are Noise level, sounds, decorations, table settings, and other subconscious cues that a customer receives when entering a restaurant collectively make up the The average check refers to Prime cost is The contribution margin is the Strict controls on food inventory are important for


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