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HTM 100 Quiz 6


HTM 100 Quiz 6 Question 1 6 out of 6 points Which company originally opened its theme park for employees to relax and have fun when they were not on the job? Answer Question 2 6 out of 6 points Voluntary organizations, armed forces, and employee recreation fall under Answer Question 3 6 out of 6 points The type of club that is predominantly business oriented is a Answer Question 4 6 out of 6 points The most popular destination resort in the world is Answer Question 5 6 out of 6 points What attraction features more than 700,000 exotic plants? Answer Question 6 6 out of 6 points Which theme park company is dedicated to preserving marine life and uses innovative programs to research wildlife dilemmas? Answer Question 7 6 out of 6 points Recreation offered to the public with an incentive of making a profit is Answer Question 8 6 out of 6 points Places where members gather for social, recreational, professional, or fraternal reasons are called Answer Question 9 0 out of 6 points Trends in recreation and leisure include all but Answer Question 10 6 out of 6 points The Liberty Bell resides in which city? Answer Question 11 6 out of 6 points The total amount wagered in gambling is called Answer Question 12 6 out of 6 points Gourmet dining and increased restaurant revenues for casinos began in 1992 with Answer Question 13 6 out of 6 points The origins of gambling are _______ years old. Answer Question 14 6 out of 6 points Stand-alone casinos are usually small and are often called Answer Question 15 6 out of 6 points The Supreme Court allowed Indian reservation gambling in 1987 with the _______ decision. Answer Question 16 6 out of 6 points The ”house” sets the odds on casino games to ensure a profit over a period of time. This is the Answer Question 17 6 out of 6 points Tribal gambling now consists of more than ___ tribes in ___ states. Answer Question 18 6 out of 6 points Which of the following is NOT one of the five functional areas of casino operations? Answer Question 19 6 out of 6 points Offering free goods and services to casino patrons in return for their business is called Answer Question 20 6 out of 6 points A public gambling house was legalized for the first time in 1626 in Answer


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