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HTM 100 Quiz 3


HTM 100 Quiz 3 Question 1 6 out of 6 points All of the following are included in the Food and Beverage Division EXCEPT: Answer Question 2 6 out of 6 points Hotel restaurants present a challenge to Food and Beverage directors because Answer Question 3 6 out of 6 points The hotel requires the number of guests attending a catering function at least seven days in advance. This number is called the Answer Question 4 6 out of 6 points More hotels are converting at least one of their bar outlets to Answer Question 5 6 out of 6 points Ordering, receiving, storing, issuing, stocking, serving, and billing is known as the Answer Question 6 6 out of 6 points Room service is typically found in Answer Question 7 6 out of 6 points Food and Beverage Directors expect a pour cost of Answer Question 8 6 out of 6 points Some hotels have a policy of preparing ____ more meals than the number attending a function in order to accommodate additional people. Answer Question 9 6 out of 6 points One method to prevent pilferage in a bar is to use Answer Question 10 0 out of 6 points Theatre-style seating is best for Answer Question 11 6 out of 6 points Wine is the fermented juice of freshly gathered ripe Answer Question 12 6 out of 6 points Proof is equal to Answer Question 13 6 out of 6 points Coffee first came from Answer Question 14 6 out of 6 points By providing training on the responsible service of alcoholic beverages to servers and bartenders, a business owner can Answer Question 15 6 out of 6 points Methodechampenoise refers to Answer Question 16 6 out of 6 points ________ tends to be clear and light-bodied. Answer Question 17 6 out of 6 points Whiskey refers to a spirit that Answer Question 18 6 out of 6 points Still wines are those with Answer Question 19 6 out of 6 points Champagne can be served Answer Question 20 6 out of 6 points Any game or red meat is best served with ________ wine. Answer


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