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HTM 100 Midterm Exam


HTM 100 Midterm Exam The symbol of welcome, friendship and hospitality is a(n) All of the following are part of Disney’s “Five Steps of Leadership” EXCEPT: Empowerment is Corporations that operate a hotel without capital outlay in exchange for a percentage of gross sales are known as Hotels may be classified by Lack of operational power, high fees, low percentage of reservations from the central reservation system are all ________ of franchising. A CRS can provide ________ information for a hotel. The Public Branch Exchange (PBX) represents what? A demand-forecasting technique used to maximize room revenue is known as The Hotel California has 642 rooms and 413 are occupied. The occupancy percentage is: Hotel restaurants present a challenge to Food and Beverage directors because Introduced by Escoffier, this kitchen system organizes work stations more effectively. The hotel requires the number of guests attending a catering function at least seven days in advance. This number is called the Fortified wines have ________ added. A(n) ________ tends to be fuller bodied and more bitter than the average beer. Still wines are those with Any game or red meat is best served with ________ wine. The ________ are credited with the “culinary arts.” Most ethnic restaurants are Fusion restaurants are Franchises are most often affiliated with Prime cost is Product specification determines ________. Each kitchen station must create Personal digital assistants (PDAs) are used by


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