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HTM 100 Final Exam


HTM 100 Final Exam Some of the driving forces and trends with college campus foodservice are What managed services company began by turning vending into a service? Compared to commercial operations, managed services have the advantage of For patients whose diets are not restricted, some hospitals have adopted a concept called A person considering a position in a high-end hospital food service setting should One of the greatest influences on tourism is Cultural tourism or World Heritage sites are often designated by Rail travel in the United States was established around the New money spent by tourists and then respent by hotels and restaurants in the community for goods and services is known as The leading international organization in the field of travel and tourism is Recreation is defined as Which of the following is the primary difference between club management and hotel management? Mardi Gras is an example of a(n) Which theme park company is dedicated to preserving marine life and uses innovative programs to research wildlife dilemmas? National parks in the United States typically see approximately The first modern casino in Las Vegas was opened on the strip in Placing a bet on an unknown outcome with the hope of securing a gain is The total amount wagered in gambling is called Betting against the ”house” is ________ gambling. Nevada legalized gambling in Convention Bureaus primarily These groups are price consciousbecause the majority of the functions are paid for by the individual or attendee. A lecture and a dialogue that allow participants to share experiences in a particular field is known as a The payment exchanged for the promise(s) stated in a contract is called the A small group led by a facilitator or trainer—generally involving exercises to enhance skills or develop knowledge in a specific topic—is a Management of events often takes place at convention centers or hotels where ____________ handle all arrangements after the sales manager has completed the contracts. ________________ provide(s) training, certification, networking, and assistance with business plans and other consulting services for their members. ___________ skills are critical in making those you do business with feel comfortable and in handling situations appropriately. What event’s purpose is usually related to the agriculture industry and evokes memories of games, attractions, and fun food? Which of the stages of event management should take place at each stage of the event and is the final step that can measure the success of the event in meeting goals and objectives? A key skill for a successful manager is Great leaders ________ manage the work of line employees. The first question that leaders ask themselves is usually ________ are responsible for short-term planning.


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